Why your "Why" is so critical to your success.

Photo by Evan Dennis
Every destination requires something that fuels the machine to get you from point A to wherever you want to go.
As I look around and observe other success stories, I see it was patience and perseverance they portrayed until their final destination was reached. Life in return rewarded them with anything they desired.
The driving force through and over these obstacles was their reason for wanting the goal in the first place. Simply, their "why?" For many, it is usually something outside or bigger than themselves.
I've learned quickly through my few years of entrepreneurship that curve balls will happen. That is an inevitability. Things you would never expect on your way to your ultimate goals. These random trials will test how far you can go before you turn tail and head back to your comfort zone.
Ask yourself... why do you do, what you do?
-DeJuan R.

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