The Secret to Success isn't a Secret, It's a Formula

Here is the success formula: HARD WORK + CUSTOMER VALUE = SUCCESS
Now lets break down this simple formula to the bare bones..
First, What goes into Hard Work?
Patience, Persistence, Blood, Sweat and sometimes Tears. This hard work comes with making disciplined, hard choices. Choosing to stay in and study, to eat better, to not impulse shop. That is all very hard work because its easy to do the same old thing and to procrastinate on your goals.
If you are smart, your hard work will eventually turn into efficient work and you'll find out what works best for you.
Now, what do customer's value? Well, you make money two ways: Convenience and Ignorance. Information and Help. Product and Service.
Finding what customer's value requires research, marketing, feedback and constant improvement in your business. In your specific market, you must see what is missing and provide it. If you are an employee you must make yourself more valuable to the your company to earn more.
Now you have the secret formula to success the hardest part of all is implementing it. Change is not easy but it is definitely worth it!
-DeJuan Reeder

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